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Life is not always easy and everybody has their ups and downs.

There are times in our lives that we all go through psychological or emotional difficulties, which can have an impact upon our happiness, relationships, health and general well-being.

According to the Dalai Lama, the purpose of our lives is to be happy. Everyone wants to be happier and experience less pain and suffering. Despite this fact, most people don’t pursue happiness.

If you have issues you want to solve, are not happy or want to do something with your life, Method RUŠ can help you to quickly and effectively make the changes that you would really like to make.

Method RUŠ

RUŠ Method (RUŠ is a Czech acronym for “Quick and Effective Change of Reality) is a simple and practical method of working with the human subconscious which helps to solve primary causes of your present problems quickly and permanently.

The RUŠ Method is based on two key principles. First, that an unpleasant feeling arises after a thought and second, that any situation in itself is neither good nor bad, it is simply neutral. It is only after a thought that a pleasant or unpleasant feeling occurs.

The subconscious mind is the part that stores our beliefs, life experiences and memories and plays a very important role in affecting our behaviour, shaping our personality and our entire life. All our experiences are recorded and stored in our memory and all our negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs and feelings were created at some point in the past.

Childhood and early life experiences are extremely influential in our psychological development - they make us who we are now.

The RUŠ therapist leads the client by targeted questions to the primary causes of the current problems and helps to resolve them so the problems cease to exist.

RUŠ therapy can help you with

  • Relationship, family and marriage difficulties
  • Negative moods or emotional states such as depression, low self-esteem or anxiety
  • Negative behaviour paterns that have been bothering you for some time and are difficult to change
  • Negative body image
  • Eating dissorders
  • Intimacy difficulties, jealousy
  • Everyday irritations
  • Perfectionism
  • Loneliness
  • Coping with abortion and miscarriage
  • Stress and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Communication issues

Who does it work for?

Method RUŠ works for everyone but it’s important that you have a strong motivation to resolve your problems, are open and honest and follow my instructions. You need to actively work with me.

The supportive therapy environment will allow you to talk openly with someone who is trained, objective and non-judgmental. By the time the session is finished, you will not only have solved the problem that brought you in but also will have learned more about yourself, so you can better cope with whatever challenges arise in the future.

Therapy Session

The Therapy session lasts approximately 3 hours and there is no preparation required.

The therapy works for anyone who really wants to change something in their life and is willing to commit to it.

You name the goal, the desired result and I will guide you through targeted questions to the primary cause of your current problems where we will resolve them.

Your eyes will be closed which helps you to be better aware of your feelings, but you will know where you are and what is happening in every moment.

You may need more therapy sessions depending on your problem, however most clients feel that one session is enough to resolve their problem.

The RUŠ Method can resolve any experienced trauma, if someone hurt you or you were the one that hurt someone.

The therapy itself is rather intense and you will reach a deeper understanding of your problems, forgiveness and gratitude.

Main benefits of the Method RUŠ therapy are:

  • Therapy quickly and effectivly resolves client’s curent problems
  • It’s a well structured method that works for most clients
  • Treats the root cause of the problems, rather than symptoms
  • The problem is usually resolved during client’s first session or within just few sessions
  • Changes are long term

About me

Andrea Needham

My name is Andrea Needham and I believe that everyone can live a happy and fulfilling life. I’m passionate about my work and strongly believe that therapy can bring positive change and improvement to people’s lives.

I have MA in Psychology (2008) and MA in Educational Psychology and Family Studies (2002).

I’m a member of The British Psychological Society (BPS) and fully trained in RUŠ Method.

Prior to my career as a therapist I worked as the Psychologist of the Czech Customs and Drug Enforcement Unit. As the only psychologist in the unit I was responsible for assessing and supporting the mental well being of the team including stress management coaching and personal relationship counselling.

In addition I was responsible for training the team on psychological profiling techniques and communication skills.

I can also provide therapy in Czech and Slovak language.

Website in czech language:


How long does the session last?

The session lasts approximately 3 hours and there is no preparation required.

The Method RUŠ therapy targets the primary causes of the client’s curent problems and goes further into the past, therefore a longer session is more effective than an average 50 minute therapy session.

How many sessions are recommended?

Unlike traditional psychotherapy which can take several months or even years, Method RUŠ goes straight to the cause of the problem and resolves your problems within one or a few sessions.

You may need more therapy sessions depending on the problem, however most clients feel that one session is enough to resolve their issues.

Why is RUŠ Method so effective?

Method RUŠ is a well-structured method that treats the root cause of the problems rather than symptoms. You should find that after the session the problem is gone for good and the changes are permanent.



The Traditional Acupuncture Centre, 19 Binswood Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 5RW [ map ]

By appointment only

For availability, to find out more, or to make an appointment please contact me on



07741 244 717

Therapy last approximately 3 hours and cost £110. In case the session last longer, additional hours are charged at £30 per hour.

I also offer sessions over Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and other video applications.

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